The conference venue is in the TSPU Library, Gertsena Street, 66.

There are quite a lot of hotels in Tomsk of various price levels  
The Organizing Committee recommends the hotel ‘Soyuz’  (Komsomolsky Prospect, 70). There are also several hotels within walking distance of the conference venue:

Bon Apart’, Gertsena St, 1a;

 ‘Aurora‘, Kievskaya St., 11;

‘Abazhur’, Dzerzhinskogo St., 34/3 (historical house of XIX century);

‘Hotel Baston’, Gertsena St., 21a;

‘Victoria Hotel’, Komsomolsky Prospect, 37;

Sputnik‘ Belinskogo St., 15;

Gogol Hotel’, Gogol St., 36a;

‘Apelsin‘, Frunze Prosp., 94;

Hotel Tomsk’, Kirova Prosp., 65;

Ascora’, Nachimova Lane, 10;

Favorit‘, Tverskaya St., 57;

VipHome’, Komsomolsky Prospect, 63.

Another possibility is the student hostel of Tomsk State Pedagogical University.


Hotel «Soyuz» (prospekt Komsomolsky, 70) — conference venue (Gertsena 66)

Hotel «Aurora» (ulitsa Kievskaya, 11) — Conference venue (ulitsa Gerzena, 66)

«Abazhur Hotel» (ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo 34, Bldg 3) — Conference venue (ulitsa Gerzena, 66)

Hotel «Art Plaza» (ulitsa Istochnaya 53) — Conference venue (ulitsa Gerzena, 66)

Hotel «Apelsin» (prospekt Frunze 94) — Conference venue (ulitsa Gertsena 66)

TSPU dormitory (prospekt Komsomolsky, 64) — conference venue (Gertsena 66)

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