AkhmedovEmilMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, RussiaLoop corrections to a cosmological particle creation
AstrakhantsevLevMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia & ITEP & ITMP MSUNon-abelian Fermionic T-duality of Double Field Theory
BarvinskyAndreiLebedev Physics Institute, Moscow Nonlocal effective action, conformal anomaly and the metamorphosis of the running RG scale
BazarovKirillMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, RussiaOn the backreaction issue for the black hole in de Sitter space-time
BudekhinaAlexandraTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaOn the Two-Loop Divergences of 6D, N=(1,1) Supersymmetric Yang–Mills Model
BurinsliiAlexanderNSI Russian Academy of SciencesKerr-Newman Solution Unites Gravity with Quantum Theory
BykovDmitriSteklov Mathematical Institute and ITMP, MoscowSigma models via nilpotent orbits
CapozzielloSalvatoreUniversita’ di Napoli «Federico II», ItalyNon-local Gravity Cosmology
ChuprikovNikolayTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaTime-dependent theory of scattering a particle on a one-dimensional $\delta$-potential
DiakonovDmitriiMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, RussiaThermal loops in the accelerating frame
DimovHristoJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, DubnaCircular strings in schrödinger spacetime holography
DragovichBrankoInstitute of Physics, University of BelgradeNonlocal de Sitter Gravity and its Exact Cosmological Solutions.
FedorukSergeyJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaInfinite spin fields in six dimensions
FranciaDarioRoma Tre U and INFN Roma III, ItalyAspects of the off-shell Double Copy
FrolovskyDanielTomsk State University, RussiaFitting Power Spectrum of Scalar Perturbations for Primordial Black Hole Production during Inflation
FursaevDmitriDubna International University & Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaGravity waves from null cosmic strings
GalajinskyAntonTPU & TUSUR, Tomsk, RussiaGroup-theoretic approach to perfect fluid equations with conformal symmetry
Gal’tsovDmitryMoscow State UniversityPhysics of Misner strings
GelfondOlgaLebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, RussiaModerately non-local vertices in the $\eta\bar\eta$ sector of higher-spin theory
GorbunovDmitryInstitute for Nuclear Research of RAS, MoscowSolving all the phenomenological problems with superheavy supersymmetry.
GritzaenkoVyacheslavLebedev Physical Institute, MoscowPresymplectic BV-AKSZ formalism for massive fields
GubarevKirillMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, RussiaExotic potentials and Bianchi identities in SL(5) exceptional field theory.
GuselnikovaUlyanaTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaThe angular momentum of radiation emitted by a point-like charge.
HubschTristanHoward University, USALaurent-Desingularized Mirror Calabi-Yau Models
IakhibbaevRavilJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaGeneralized holographic fishchain model
IsaevAlexeyJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaUniversal Lie Algebra, Vogel Parameters and
Color Factors in Nonabelian Gauge Theories
IvanovEvgenyJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaHigher Spins from Harmonic Superspace
KaparulinDmitryTomsk State University, RussiaFerromagnetism of rotating spinning gas
KatanaevMikhailSteklov mathematical institute, MoscowSeparation of variables in the Hamilton-Jacobi equation for geodesics
KazinskiPeterTomsk State University, RussiaWhat is the color of a photon?
KobialkoKirillMoscow State UniversityMassive particles surfaces and applications.
KolganovNikitaMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia & ITMP MSUSchwinger-Keldysh formalism for instantons and cosmology
Korolev RomanKazan Federal University, RussiaKinetic gravity braiding wormhole geometries
KosyakovBorisRussian Federal Nuclear Center-VNIIEFCorrespondence  between the physics of extreme black holes and that of stable heavy atomic nuclei
KoutrolikosKonstantinosUniversity of Maryland, College ParkA first order formulation of supersymmetric higher spins
KozyrevNikolayJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaTensor multiplet action in six dimensions
KrykhtinVladimirTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaOn the off-shell superfield Lagrangian formulation of 4D, N=1 supersymmetric infinite spin theory
KulaginAntonTomsk Polytechnic University, RussiaSemiclassical asymptotics for the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with a non-Hermitian part
KunashenkoYuriTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaSingle-photon annihilation of channeled positron in crystals
LaninaElenaMoscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyTug-the-hook symmetry for quantum 6j-symbols.
LavrovPeterTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaDeformation procedure and anticanonical transformations
LazarenkoGeorgeTomsk State University, RussiaSynchrotron radiation of twisted photons
MagazevAlexeyOmsk State Technical University, RussiaLeft-invariant metrics with hidden symmetries and solving the Laplace-Beltrami eigenvalue problem
MerzlikinBorisTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaOn a structure of the one-loop divergences in 4D, N=2 harmonic superspace sigma-model
MishnyakovVictorLebedev Physical Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, RussiaIntegrable Feynman Graphs and Yangian Symmetry on the Loom
MusaevEdvardMoscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyHolographic RG flows and boundary conditions in 3D gauged supergravity
NajafizadehMojtabaInstitute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Tehran, IranOff-shell supersymmetric continuous spin gauge theory
NeznamovVasilyRussian Federal Nuclear Center All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics — VNIIEFQuantum model of spinning black holes. Quantum model of electron.
ObukhovValeryTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaOn classification of gravitational and electromagnetic fields
OsetrinEvgenyTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaExact models of pure electromagnetic radiation in homogeneous universes of Bianchi
OsetrinKonstantinTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaExact integration of geodesic deviation equations in Shapovalov wave spacetimes
OsetrinaElenaTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaOn the light «cone» of electric charge in gravitational-wave models
PetrovTimopheyMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, RussiaTri-vector deformations on compact isometries
PirozhenkoIrinaJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaElectromagnetic Pulses from Pulsars Generated by Null Cosmic Strings
PodoinitsynMikhailJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaGeneralized Wigner operators and relativistic gauge fields
PonomarevDmitryLomonosov Moscow State University, RussiaOn higher-spin holography in flat space
PribytokAntonHumboldt Universität zu BerlinThermodynamic Bethe Ansatz and Ground State Energy of the twisted AdS_3 × S^3 × T^4 superstring
ReshetnyakAlexanderTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaBRST and BRST-BV approaches for interacting higher-spin fields
RubinSergeyNational Research Nuclear University MEPhI, MoscowFlexible extra dimensions
RudinskyDmitryLebedev Physical Institute, RussiaHomotopy algebras approach to local gauge field theories.
ShabaevVladimirSt. Petersburg State University, RussiaHow to observe vacuum decay in a supercritical Coulomb field
ShapiroIlyaUniversidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, BrazilEffective quantum gravity corrections to U(r) in the consistent framework
ShirokovIlyaMoscow State UniversityComputer algebra approach to multiloop calculations in N=1 supersymmetric theories regularized by higher derivatives
ShnirYakovJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaGauged Q-balls and boson stars
SidorovStepanJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, RussiaNon-linear spin multiplets
SinelnikovNikitaTomsk State University, RussiaCoulomb problem for classical spinning particle.
SkvortsovEvgenyUMONS, Belgium(Chiral) theories with massless and massive higher spins
SnegirevTimofeiTSPU & TUSUR, Tomsk, RussiaNon-relativistic conformal perfect fluid dynamics
SolovyevTimofeyTomsk State University, RussiaSusceptibility of a single electron wave packet.
StepanyantzKonstantinMoscow State UniversityQuantum properties of supersymmetric
theories in various approaches
SuprunPavelMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, RussiaPosition space approach to banana Feynman integrals
SushkovSergeyKazan Federal University, RussiaCosmological models in Horndeski gravity
TainovVladislavDubna State University & Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, RussiaTowards to definition of the energy-momentum tensor of null cosmic strings
Tartaglino-MazzucchelliGabrieleUniversity of QueenslandTTbar-like deformations and supersymmetry
TepliakovAlexanderImmanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad, RussiaDynamical analysis of the Tsallis holographic dark energy models with event horizon as cut-off and interaction with matter
TimoshkinAlexanderTomsk State Pedagogical University, RussiaFormation of Singularities under the Effect of Thermal Radiation in the Dissipative Model of Universe with nonzero spatial Curvature
TruninDmitriiLebedev Physical Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyQuantum butterfly effect from replica OTOCs
VasilievMikhailLebedev Physical Institute, RussiaSpin-locality, projective compactness and homotopy for higher-spin vertices
YungAlexeiPetersburg Nuclear Physics InstituteCritical Non-Abelian Vortex and Holography for Little String Theory
ZaigraevNikitaJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, RussiaSupercurrents in the hypermultiplet model cubically coupled to D = 4, N = 2 higher spin gauge superfields
ZinovievYuriiInstitute for HIgh Energy Physics, Moscow On hypersymmetry in three dimensions
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